About US

About AiChuang International

Aichuang Group founded in 1988.Our mission is to provide excellent service and supply quality,environmental friendly reconstituted wood building products to our valued business partners.Our architectural reconstituted composite wood building products such as foam board, decking, screening, wall paneling, facades, cladding, ceiling, soffits, concrete form-work panel , furniture panel and louver application have been proven and time tested in both residential and commercial applications since 2006 within China and the International Market. We have over 300 reconstituted composite wood building profiles for innovative, industry-leading architectural solutions. We have two super brand AichuangLite, Rainbow WPC and Biforst WPC which renowned at China and abroad.

Strengths & Opportunities
Here are a few reasons that make AichuangLite products different to the rest.

* We have a wide range of products to suit any need

* With the introduction of reconstituted wood, there is significant potential for industry-changing revolutionary products

* Environmental awareness to manufacture conventional products has sparked interest and demand in our products

* Our products are “going green” – this means an environmentally friendly, sustainable timber alternative for our customers

* AichuangLite & BifrostWPC is now an internationally recognized brand aiming to raise environmental awareness

Our product range
We design, manufacture and supply all of the following products:

* WPC/PVC Foam Board

* Decking & flooring systems

* Fencing systems

* Wall panel systems

* Ceiling systems

* Shuttering Board for construction formwork system

* Furniture and Decoration Board systems

* Poster Board systems

* Sunshading & screening systems

* Park & Garden Facilities systems

* Industrial special services as required

Regulations, Certifications & Quality Assurance
The certification, TUD SUD ISO 9001, ISO14001,SGS,CE outlines our commitment to being environmentally aware. As a result, the following is assured in all of our products.

* Our products that are engineered and manufactured are backed by extensive experience and knowledge

* From the materials used in the production process right to the final product – strict testing and quality control is enforced throughout the entire process to guarantee consistent product quality and delivery of products to our customers.

* Product specifications and installation manuals are provided with all of our product