Want to become an official AichuangLite & BifrostWPC Representative? Then read on……

Want to take part in the WPC products revolution and grab a slice of the profit opprtunities available for oversea distributors or regional dealers?

If the answer is yes, then take a look at our requirement below,pick up the phone and ask to speak to someone about becoming a distributor.

You will then be asked to submit a brief business plan as per below to


Our aim is to appoint representatives that can provide a professional extension to the AichuangLite,Rainbow & Bifrost WPC Brand to deliver long term commercial success for both parties. Therefore, our products must be conveyed to clients in a professional manner using official AichuangLite, Rainbow & Bifrost WPC literatures and delivered in a knowledgeable manner. We would like to safeguard our reputation by ensuringthat distributors are 100% committed and operate in the same way that  AichuangLite would do if we operated out of the region ourselves.

Under our Representative Agreement you would benefit from the following items:

           1. Dedicated account handler

           2. Special Representative prices based on a ‘per container’ basis

           3. Full technical support from the China head office

           4. All sales leads received to China Head Office from that region will be passed directly to the Exclusive Official Representative

           5. WPC products Standard Approved and certificated products of the highest quality

           6. Short lead times for large quantities

           7. Marketing and advertising catalogue,templates, advice and assistance

           8. Other Benefits……


AichuangLite would like you to provide a brief business plan including the points below to give us a better understanding of your proposal so we can move towards offering you representative rights in your requested region.

Outline Business Plan including the following items:

        1. Notification of all parties that will be involved with your proposal (ie sister companies,holding companies,

            partner organisations, any 3rd party links)

           2. Company Information (Turnover, Number of Staff, Typical Customers, Number of Sales reps)

           3. Which regions would you like to apply for?

           4. What products would you like to represent? Ie Decking, Cladding,Ceiling,shuttering board?

           5. Who are your current customers? Ie contractors, engineers, developers, landscapers,house buiders ect

           6. Who are your target customers for WPC products?

           7. Proposed order quantities within for year 1, 2 and 3 in $USD or Containers

           8. How many containers of stock do you intend to hold at any one time?

           9. How will you create and sustain demand for your chosen products? Ie Marketing &  Sales Strategy(Exhibitions,

            Current Clients, Face-to-Face visits, Magazine,Advertising,Postal Male shots,Architects Presentations etc.)