Integrated Wallboard


Available Width:  300mm,  400mm, 600mm

Thickness:  9mm

Standard Length:  3meters, 2.85meters (other length please advise us)

Surface:  PVC Flim laminated

Base Board: WPC Board

Color: see color card

Application: interior Wall Panel,  Ceiling Panel

WPC integration fast installation wall panel contains many specifications, and it is easy to install.

WPC integration fast installation wall panel not only has the surface of natural wood,but also overcomes the disadvantages of natural wood.It`s also easy to be processed, the same with wood, can be sawed, nailed, planed, just by the carpenters` tools, and better nail-holding ability than usual normal wood; and has the same compressive property, impact resistance with hard wood, much more durable than normal wood; WPC and its products, are anti-corrosive alkali, waterproof, not breeding bacteria, insect prevention; anti-aging, anti-static, antiflaming.

WPC integration wall panel not only has the colorful patterns the same with wallpaper, painting ,but also has strong third dimension and sense of concavo- convex, is a substitute product of wallpaper and painting.

Characters & Advantages

1.Heat preservation、thermal insulation

In our practical application, this product has better heat preservation ability than normal wooden house and painting house, the differences are 7℃ and 10℃。This result has been certificated by state authorities, helpful to solve the problem of the hot day in summer in south China, and the cold day in winter in north China. The product also has special thermal insulation ability, can be used on the balcony、roof, help to prevent the sunshine shining directly, remit stuffiness, achieve the obvious effect of thermal insulation.

2.Sound insulation

Our product has been tested by national authorities that can insulate the sound reach up to 29 decibels, the same sound insulation effect with solid wall, which can be applied to all kinds of sound insulation room in factories and family houses. If used in toilet, the problem of loud sound in sewer will be solved easily.


Tested by national authorities, our product reach B1 fire rating, which is enough for the requirement of fireproof.


This product is composited by WPC and wood powder, which can highly improve the strength and hardness, suitable to be applied to every kind of wall panel and ceiling. It doesn`t need to install keels when used as ceiling if there is no complex structure.


In south China the weather is rainy and damp in rainy season, the wall is easy to go mouldy if leaked. This product is dampproof to make you at ease.

6.Environment friendly

All the materials of our product are recyclable, there will be no formaldehyde, radiation. Environment friendly, no need to emit odour, largely shorten your decoration time.

7.Easy installation

Our product adopts the traditional interlock installation method, abandoning the complex copin installation. Normal carpenter is able to install it, and it can be installed even on the blank wall, saving labor、time and space.

8.Easy to clean, no warp

This product surface is strong, which can be scrubbed heavily, without the problem of hard to clean. Adopted with the polyurethane composite technology, the product will not warp and age after formed.

9.Fashion and bright

Our product has many choices of colors, the patterns are beautiful and gorgeous. PU accessories、lamp panel、European components and so on, can be buckled, jointed and many other ways to combine.

10.Saving space, simple installation

Without pallet, our product can be fixed on the wall by screws, saving 5-10mm space.